Meat Station

MeatStation is a device developed by Vetident designed to measure the internal temperature and pH of meat and send this data to Meatsys via Wi-Fi. This device can also record other data such as ambient temperature, humidity, and meat color by connecting different sensors. MeatStation is specifically designed for logging temperature and humidity records in various environments and is particularly tailored for meat production conditions.

Carcass Recorder

Carcass Recorder, a patented device developed by Vetident, enables the 3D recording and measurement of carcasses. The collected data, combined with other information, can be transferred to the producer payment system. This ensures that records can be retrospectively examined even after the carcass has been processed. Carcass Recorder is also being developed to incorporate an AI-powered EUROP or custom automatic classification system, enhancing its capabilities.

Fixed RFID Readers

Industrial-grade RFID readers capable of reading Intelli-Hook RFID hooks. These readers are also designed to read tags on crates, bins, or trolleys in processing stations. In environments where handheld terminals are used for reading, HF technology is employed, while LF technology is used for harsh environments such as hooks. These readers have high immunity to reflection, water, and magnetic interference.




LoraTrack devices are developed for tracking refrigerated vehicles and fishing vessels collecting seafood from farms. These devices can record temperature and location data. They can store temperature records and GPS coordinates of vehicle routes and send this information to the system when they arrive at a facility or port without relying on a mobile phone network. LoraTrack devices can also transmit data in real-time using the Helium network if desired.

Serial-Network Converters

Serial Network Converters allow weighing platforms without network connectivity to be integrated into the network and used effectively.


Durable industrial UHF, HF, and LF RFID tags tailored to specific applications and technologies are available from Vetident. RFID tags designed specifically for the IntelliHook Hook Tracking System are produced and integrated by shaping them to fit the existing hooks.


Vetident also supplies adhesive or clip-on labels suitable for meat processing facilities.


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