Further Processing

Advanced Processing

Meatsys Further Processing Module is a professional production management module designed to handle deli products, kebab production, meatball production, pastrami, and other advanced processing products based on production orders.

Recipe-based Processes

The Meatsys recipe creation module integrates with weighing systems to facilitate the intake of raw materials and preparation of blends with verification based on specific tolerances. By defining production tolerances, equivalent products, and other properties for the input materials, controlled production can be achieved.

Spice Room Management and Premixes

The spice room handles repackaging of spices, labeling, creation of pre-mixes, and their subsequent packaging. The entire stock control and management of the spice room can be handled through the system.

Product Transformations

Processes like smoking, fermentation, freezing, and other transformations can be managed and tracked through Meatsys after these processes have been applied to the products.


In case of products leaving production or packaging, or being returned from customers for various reasons, they can be reintroduced for processing and their records maintained within the traceability chain. This allows for the products to be reintroduced into production.


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