General Features of Meatsys

What is Meatsys

Meatsys is a software solution that efficiently manages the entire process from animal reception to the packaging of finished products. It is designed primarily for facilities engaged in red meat production, including slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, as well as seafood processing and poultry processing facilities. Meatsys offers recipe-based production management, decision support systems, and traceability software tailored to sectors such as seafood processing and poultry processing.


Meatsys System Cost

Meatsys offers small, medium, and medium-large scale businesses the opportunity to manage and compete in the industry with the same conditions as the very large enterprises and their structures, using the latest technology and user-friendly features at a low cost. Meatsys is fully modular and scalable in design, allowing us to provide our customers with the lowest cost and the features they need without burdening them with the weight and cost of many modules that they wouldn't use, or that would create usability challenges.


How Does Meatsys Work?

Meatsys is a web-based software that consists of three main components: an application and web server, a database server, and a device communication server.


Smart Device Management

Meatsys is designed to be completely device-independent. As a result, you can use almost any device that can connect to the network within the system. Here, you have complete freedom. Through a parameterized communication interface where data from devices is parsed and made meaningful, data from scales, printers, RFID readers, barcode scanners, etc., is directed to the screens where this data will be used. This enables you, for example, to instantly view data from any scale on the workstation's screen. .


IntelliHook – IntelliCrate

As an optional added feature, we offer the ability to effortlessly track carcasses using RFID tags securely fastened to hooks. By strategically installing industrial-grade RFID readers at key points such as processing stations, warehouse entry and exit points, we can seamlessly capture and record the movements of carcasses automatically.


Smart Process Design and Management

Meatsys has been specifically crafted with an adaptable framework from the customer's perspective. This enables companies to employ different methods while performing the same tasks, and seamlessly integrate their preferred approach into the workflow using the Smart Process Design module interface. As new requirements emerge over time, you can effortlessly make changes. This allows you to incorporate alterations in your processes into the system without the need for development fees or complex development processes for a significant portion of these changes.


High Support Performance

Our support team is also assigned to our software development department. In this way, when you ask for support on a subject, we do not make you experience the time it takes for your request to go to the relevant person through many departments and the problems that this request reaches the wrong person due to communication problems. By providing the most accurate support at the highest level in the fastest way, we ensure that you work with maximum performance and uninterruptedness.

Product Development

At Vetident, we allocate 50% of our revenue to product development. This is approximately twice the industry average. As Turkey's most established company in this field, our commitment to research and development sets us apart. This dedication allows us to consistently offer our customers the most creative and innovative solutions. Driven by the demands of our clients and the evolving needs of the industry, our software is updated daily and seamlessly integrated into your service within minutes during regular updates.

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