How Does Meatsys Work?

Meatsys is a web-based software that consists of three main components: an application and web server, a database server, and a device communication server.

During its web-based development, the software is designed to ensure optimal performance and operate seamlessly on field workstations, even with minimal configuration and without being affected by local resource-related issues. As it is web-based, there is no need for any installation on field terminals or workstations. Furthermore, due to its highly efficient web-based nature, the software has low resource requirements, eliminating the need to update software on devices with each update. This leads to reduced service costs and rapid deployment advantages. .

The handheld terminals and fixed devices used as field workstations only require an up-to-date web browser. This allows for flexibility in the choice of operating systems across devices, accommodating different operating systems and reducing the costs associated with installing specific operating systems on each device. .

In summary, Meatsys is a web-based solution that offers efficient operation and eliminates the need for extensive installations or software updates on individual devices. This design provides cost savings, rapid deployment, and compatibility across various devices and operating systems.

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