Meat Processing and Packaging

Meat Processing

The Meatsys Meat Processing module begins with the entry of the carcass into the cutting area. Once weighed, the carcass is transferred to the cutting stations, either divided or whole. In the case of box systems, individual traceability can be maintained up to vacuum packaging, whereas conveyor-based systems transition to batch-based traceability. If conveyor-based weighing and sorting systems are employed, individual traceability can continue based on the weights of the pieces. Our specialized solution also enables barcode or RFID tracking in box systems. Fixed barcodes on crates moved to the packaging station are scanned to determine the origin of the carcass, and individual traceability can be sustained by associating it with the recorded table and processing time data. This approach facilitates addressing unique cutting and sectioning requests on a customer-specific basis without significantly altering the workflow.


Customizable Workstations

Through the Smart Process Design module, you can create, customize, and modify meat processing and packaging stations to match your needs. There is no limit to the number of workstations that can be created. The identification and setup of printers, readers, and weighing devices for all workstations can be completed within seconds. By defining transfer methods, warehouse and production areas, and implementing restrictions, you can ensure precise control over which products can exit each workstation, thereby minimizing errors in product flow.

Cutting Schedule Creation

The system automatically generates a cutting schedule and manages the admission of animals to the slaughterhouse accordingly. Automated notifications are sent to customers based on this schedule.

Cutting Processes

Upon entering the slaughterhouse, animals earmarked for sacrifice have their ear tags scanned to initiate processing. An SMS notification is sent to the owner confirming the animal's entry. If the customer has chosen on-site pickup, an SMS is sent with a delivery time range.

Veterinary Controls

Animals intended for sacrificial slaugtering undergo veterinary inspections, and if necessary, parts or the entire carcass can be rejected or conditionally processed. In such cases, customers are notified via SMS, and if required, they can choose to change their selection or reassign the sacrifice.


After the slaughtering and chopping, the meat is packaged and labeled either by bagging or direct labeling. Labels are customized for each customer. Packaged meats are transferred to the delivery area, where they are received.


Customers who have chosen on-site delivery receive a delivery code, indicating the completion of the sacrifice process and the availability of the package for pickup. For those who opt for distribution or home delivery, the meat is loaded and unloaded using barcode scanning at each step. During delivery, the specific delivery codes sent to each customer are entered into the system to ensure accurate delivery to the correct recipient.

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