Sales And Distribution

On-Delivery Weighing

Ensure accuracy and transparency in every transaction with our on-delivery weighing feature, providing real-time weight verification on the customer site for delivered meat products.


Streamline financial processes with seamless invoicing. Generate professional invoices, delivery notes, and dispatch documents effortlessly wherever or whenever you need them.

Route Management

Optimize delivery routes for efficiency, reducing transit time and costs. Our route management feature aids in achieving timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Vehicle and Driver Management

Effectively oversee your fleet, drivers, and vehicle inventory. Track deliveries and monitor delivery performance for a well-coordinated and efficient process.

Returns Management

Handle returns seamlessly and update inventory automatically for accurate records.

Integrated End-to-End Production and Delivery Efficiency:

Seamlessly integrate with IntegraFarm Farm Management System and Meatsys Factory Management System. This end-to-end integration ensures a comprehensive solution, optimizing production and delivery efficiency from the farm to the consumer.

Sales and Delivert Module

The Sales and Delivery module is user-centrically designed, providing meat producers with a comprehensive solution for their sales and distribution operational needs.

On-Site Order Collection

Facilitate on-site order collection to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. Capture orders directly at the source, ensuring precision and minimizing order discrepancies.

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