We manage and track the entire process of seafood processing and traceability system, from the point where the seafood is caught in the sea, through processing at the facility, packaging, distribution, and sales.

Using a Lora-based boat and ship tracking device, we automatically record temperature data, GPS coordinates, and match boat-container-assignment using RFID-tagged containers, without the need for additional devices or manual data entry. Upon arrival at the processing facility, the seafood in containers is scanned using an RFID reader, weighed, and the information is automatically recorded in the system. Subsequently, the transfer of these products to the warehouse or processing area is efficiently executed. .

For those engaging in on-deck packaging and labeling, we offer an offline capable labeling and packaging module. During this process, the system enables product inspection, classification, rejection, or acceptance, all within the system. .

Customers who do not use Boat-Ship tracking devices or RFID-tagged container systems can still perform these operations manually or through automatic weighing and manual data entry. .

The subsequent steps continue with the standard meat processing and packaging procedures. For manufacturers utilizing container-based systems, we provide the ability to track employee performance. .

Meatsys' advanced weight, labeling, packaging, boxing, and palletizing management system ensures products are prepared for shipment. Warehouse transfers and distribution processes can be easily managed through handheld devices. .

In summary, our system enables comprehensive control and visibility over the entire seafood processing and distribution chain, streamlining operations, ensuring quality, and facilitating efficient tracking and traceability. .

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