Labeling and Packaging


Meatsys allows for customized labeling of meats, advanced processed products, and carcasses, either specific to customers or tailored to producers or facilities. Through a specialized labeling interface, users can select the type of label to be generated and apply it to the product as needed. Multiple label designs and types can be stored in the system, and the chosen label type can be quickly selected from settings and printed for application to carcasses or packaged products. The Meatsys Labeling module is compatible with all barcode formats and can even generate parametric barcode labels in the GS1 format (GTIN) to convey traceability information, product details, and carcass information to the next stage or the customer.


Meatsys can integrate with packaging machines based on customer preferences. Data obtained from these machines is seamlessly transferred to the system, ensuring continuous product and production tracking.


The system can handle the boxing and labeling of various products, whether they are different or the same. Additionally, processes such as opening a box, modifying its contents, and repackaging can also be easily managed through the system.


Meatsys provides a highly professional interface for palletizing and pallet labeling operations. Similar to boxing, previously created boxes and individual products with the same content can be palletized, enabling a streamlined process. Similar to boxing, this module also allows for pallets to be opened, contents modified, and relabeling if needed.

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