What is Meatsys

Meatsys is a software solution that efficiently manages the entire process from animal reception to the packaging of finished products. It is designed primarily for facilities engaged in red meat production, including slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, as well as seafood processing and poultry processing facilities. Meatsys offers recipe-based production management, decision support systems, and traceability software tailored to sectors such as seafood processing and poultry processing.

During the software development phase, an approach was adopted that takes into account the unique operational methods and requirements of each institution. The software for each institution is designed to be adaptable to its own workflows. This approach has resulted in a highly parametric and dynamic software solution. As a result, easy adaptation to changing demands and needs is possible while minimizing costs associated with development and customization.

Meatsys is updated daily according to current conditions and technological advancements, constantly undergoing improvement. This approach allows our customers to rapidly access the latest technologies. With Meatsys, we provide the opportunity to seamlessly integrate changes in business practices into management processes, without facing the challenges posed by outdated, device-dependent, and high-cost production management methods prevalent in the current market.

Transition to a more efficient, flexible, and technologically compatible production management experience with Meatsys. Discover the advantages offered by Meatsys and contribute to the growth of your business.

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