With our Poultry Processing Management and Traceability System, we take control of the entire process from the producer to the processing facility, including slaughter, through to distribution and sales.

Using RFID-tagged containers, we automatically record the association between producers and containers without the need for additional devices or manual data entry. Upon arrival at the processing facility, the chickens in the containers are scanned using an RFID reader. Weight can be measured on a per-container basis, or the weight information obtained during vehicle entry can be input into the system. The processing information for the chickens entering the slaughterhouse, such as data from bird counters, weighers, and classification devices, is automatically processed and integrated into the system.

During this process, quality control of incoming chickens, including rejections, disposals, and acceptances, can also be managed within the system.

Subsequently, the standard meat processing and packaging procedures are followed.

Meatsys' advanced weight, labeling, packaging, boxing, and palletizing management system ensures products are prepared for shipment. Warehouse transfers and distribution processes can be easily managed through handheld devices. The sales and distribution module allows tracking throughout the entire chain, providing comprehensive visibility.

In summary, our system streamlines and monitors the entire poultry processing and distribution process, ensuring quality control, efficiency, and traceability from farm to table.

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