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ERP Integrations

In line with the unique needs of each of our clients, our integration team collaborates seamlessly with your ERP consultant to swiftly accomplish the integration process. Given that integration requirements and methodologies vary from one company to another, we offer a spectrum of services ranging from fundamental input-output integration to comprehensive process-level integration.


IntegraFarm Integration

Meatsys can integrate seamlessly with Integrafarm, another product of Vetident. This enables our customers who own their farms or procure animals from IntegraFarm users to trace the entire process from farm entry to packaged meat, ensuring full traceability. Additionally, they can perform cost accounting calculations down to the individual animal level, starting from farm entry. This integration provides a comprehensive solution, enhancing farm management, animal sourcing, processing, traceability, and cost analysis.

MeatSales Integration

Furthermore, it has the capability to seamlessly integrate with Vetident's specialized product, the meat sales and distribution software. This integration facilitates the recording of essential operations like vehicle loading, transportation, on-site weighing, invoice generation, and delivery processes directly within the system. As a result, the entire meat production process can be meticulously documented, commencing from farm entry and culminating in the final delivery stages

External Integrations

Meatsys can also be integrated with third-party systems upon request. Among these systems, we can include factory retail stores, external storage facilities, and distribution company management systems.

Other Integrations

Meatsys has the capability to seamlessly integrate with all components within factory automation, ranging from packaging machines to carcass routing, counting, and weighing systems. If desired, it can also manage these systems or facilitate data collection through them.

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