Customized Production Management System

Meatsys: Tailor-Made Success for Every Business, Fully Customizable

Enhance Your Meat, Seafood, and Poultry Production with MEATSYS - The Advanced Production Management System!

Manage All Your Food Production from Farm to Fork with a Single Solution!

Discover the power of MEATSYS, a versatile software designed to manage every stage of production, accompanying you from the entry of live animals and seafood to the dispatch of neatly packaged products. Our parametric software, designed for a wide range of products including sheep, cattle, camels, pigs, poultry, and various seafood, is suitable for processing management of every animal type.

Modular Flexibility or Full Integration - The Choice is Yours!

With MEATSYS, flexibility is in your hands. You can choose modules that suit your needs or customize and start using the fully integrated MEATSYS system from animal entry to sales distribution, specifically for your business. You can seamlessly control every stage of production from farm to factory by integrating our Farm Management System, Intergafarm.

Customized Infrastructure for Your Unique Operational Demands

MEATSYS adapts to the unique rhythm of your business. Our customizable platform fully aligns with your specific production demands and needs. Our advanced infrastructure manages all processes smoothly with your unique workflow, protocols, and procedures.

Data-Driven Analysis for Smart Decision Making

Transform data into decisions with MEATSYS! Our software excels at collecting real-time data from your operations and turning it into meaningful reports and analyses. With executive screens and user reports, accessing instant information and making decisions is much easier.

Centralized Device Management for Unmatched Efficiency

Take command of the devices used in production from a single point. MEATSYS centralizes the control of all devices from weighing equipment to packaging machines at one point, ensuring their optimal operation and helping you quickly adapt to any operational changes. MEATSYS is always with you for uninterrupted production and increased efficiency.

Fully Compatible with Industry 4.0

The meat sector, which started the first wave of the industry with the use of automatic rails in a Chicago slaughterhouse during Industry 2.0, is at the peak of Industry 4.0 with MEATSYS. Our system offers automatic data collection for complete product tracking in line with Industry 4.0 standards and ensures seamless integration with RFID hooks, automatic data reading systems along the production line, and various devices.

Easy to Use and Scalable for Businesses of All Sizes

MEATSYS is suitable for businesses of all scales and types with its ease of use and scalability. Get acquainted with our flexible rental and purchase options, including cost-effective modular pricing.

Discover More in Our Features Menu!

Access the versatile capabilities of MEATSYS in processing red meat, poultry, and seafood from our Features menu.


Why Vetident

Vetident is a company that has been serving in this field since 2005 and whose only business is livestock and food production management systems. With its specialized staff and years of experience in the field, we speak your language, anticipate many of your problems and needs and bring years of experience to your company. With dozens of electronic and software engineers, veterinarians and support staff who know the field well, we establish and support your entire infrastructure to produce solutions as soon as possible in every need and to ensure that your business runs with the highest performance and measurability.

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